Is citroen reliable-2018 modell (saloon) better to keep 2007 honda jazz?

spurt 2022-06-12 15:14:24 +0200

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Friend is selling newer citroen saloon -20018.. gone-73000km.better than keeping older 2007 honda jazz that,s gone 135000km.(stupid question?)

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besvart 2022-06-13 13:47:31 +0200

Depends on what you feel yourself....suppose the Citroen is a llitte bigger, yes? More space for your beloved famliy, more luggage, more safe etc.. But if your older Jazz' is doin' whar you meed, you should consider whether the "upgrade" is a better choice or not. Your old car is not worth very much in the market, but if it is no serious problems, i.e mechanlical or rust, you can use it for the years to come. However, if the Citroen has the "right price" and you can afford it, and also feel this is the car for you, why not? If you can afford it, it is a really nice and not the least, a very comfortable car! Also, very realiable, given a normal service- and mainentenance plan, Remember, in Norway a regular chassis treatment, i.e protection against rust, is highly recommended, typically each two to three years! Citroen is given a good teatment when the cars is imprted to Norway, but the car in question needs a new round now, if not already done by your friend! The "stuff" used for rust protection dries out during time, thats' the reason why you should "renew" the protection from time to time! Rust is the real "killer" of any Norwegian car, any mechanical problem can be repaired, but rust? Then it is na-na to your car! Best wishes, may you do a vice choice! And yes, Citroen is a very good car by any scale!

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besvart 2022-06-23 17:33:11 +0200

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