What can cut the signal from the speedpedal

spurt 2020-07-16 17:39:06 +0200

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When driving the speedpedal stop working, but when i turn the ignition of and on it works again, but only for a km or two. Then i must do the same again. When the speeder stop working the engine dont stop , It only go down on low iddel. My cinclution is that it can be the pump, the pressure feeler or the filter. Can you help?

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besvart 2020-07-16 18:04:20 +0200

updated 2020-07-16 18:06:12 +0200

Hello See former answer, the problem is not the pressure sensor it is the actual common rail pressure that is lower than a set treshold and therfore cuts out speed pedal response. Filter can be one thing to blame but various things must be checked to make sure that also diesel is drawn properly from tank. Loss of pressure is also some times caused by to much return oil or internal leakage in an injector that problem will also make common rail pressure low and trigger the fault code mentioned before. Injector returns can be removed and some clear plastic hoses can be mounted togheter with som plastic bottles to each injector. If one is leaking back to much you will see it in the bottle level and that injector has to be changed. You can get this cheap from ebay.co.uk but injector must have identical number to the one you are removing.

Regards Kviasen

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