Revisjonshistorikk [tilbake]

If you then do not know the relevant car's history and e.g. the license owner very, very well. I myself have bought an ex-taxi from someone I knew very, very well, it's the best car I've had, it went and went and went, never problems whatsoever, until I got the famous idiot behind the bend I fleisen! Expect that you can have a taxi-driven Mercedes with a mileage of around 300, at least another 300' without significant problems, with one important condition: a normal good regime for service and maintenance, and even if there are normally decent "winter conditions" in drift boss, I would think about the idea of ​​regular undercarriage treatment with ongoing finishing. Otherwise, this is a "fairly large" Mercedes, decent, proven solutions, good four-wheel drive, with Nordic winter tires you should come out if the weather is not such that you should preferably stay at home! You also get a car with high safety on all levels, including stability in all conditions. However, think about the idea of ​​having a chain in the helps a lot in really extreme conditions!

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