Revisjonshistorikk [tilbake]

Tja...hva med å begynne med å sjekke i instruksjonsboka...? Snakk eventuelt med din nærmeste Mekonomen eller annen frittstående kjede....eller for den sakens skyld...merkeverkstedet :-)

Min oppfatning er at du nok kan bruke any kind of Adblue, men Peugeout anbefaler naturlig nok sin egen av sorten. HER ser du hva Peuegoeut sier i en FAQ, rett nok for et land langt borte:

How do I know when to AdBlue®?

AdBlue® needs to be topped up approximately every 20,000 km. For most drivers this will be carried out as part of your Scheduled Service. However, the maximum range of a tank of AdBlue® can vary depending on your driving style. If the tank needs to be topped up, the urea warning light will come on when you switch on the ignition. You should arrange to have it topped up as soon as possible, but it will display a message letting you know how many more miles you can drive before the vehicle will not restart. Please refer to your Vehicle Handbook for more information on the warning light and associated messages.

Your local Peugeot dealer will top up your AdBlue® tank with 10 litres of fluid at a respective price, if a top up is needed before the scheduled service. Contact your local Peugeot dealer to arrange a refill as soon as necessary. This is a quick and simple thing to do, so we offer it as part of our while-you-wait service.

Peugeot recommends that due to the position of the AdBlue® tank, your local Peugeot approved repairer carries this out for you. However, if you wish to refill the AdBlue® fluid yourself, it is imperative to ensure that the product used is the genuine Peugeot product, the engine is switched off and that the vehicle is on a flat surface. Please refer to the Vehicle Handbook to find the location of the AdBlue® tank.

(Peugeot AdBlue® is purchased from our Spare parts shop in Blata L-Bajda or from our Peugeot approved repairers)