Revisjonshistorikk [tilbake]

En norsk eier av en Mazda CX-5 har postet dette innlegget på et utenlandsk Mazda forum. Mazda Norge nekter å betale for oljeskift hyppigere enn hver 20.000 km og er samtidig klar over problemet og anbefaler oftere oljeskift:


I\'m a norwegian owner of a CX-5 Skyactiv-D 2.2 150hp automatic and I also have the oil rise problem. I did not check the oil level until 8000kms and found the level to be a centimeter above the X. The dealer said the oil needed to be changed, and booked a time this week. I had the car in yesterday to change the oil.

The dealer had no knowledge of this being something exceptional, they had heard nothing from Mazda about this. Mazda Motor Norway is not covering extra oil changes between service intervals (20000kms/12 months in Norway) and says this is normal for cars with diesel particulate filter and due to driving short trips, while I suspect this is more than normal oil rise. We will drive around 25000kms a year, and if the oil is near the X approx. every 5000kms this problem will turn out to be quite expensive (135,- euros each time, at 3-4 times extra each year). I will certainly discuss the bill with my dealer, and ask the dealer for information around software update etc. If someone in this forum can provide links to official Mazda statements in Australia or other countries, I would be happy for that.